Welcome to the home of specialized planting tools, enhanced with all natural cricket chitin, which guarantees spectacular results in your garden

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What is in CrickaGarden products?

Our products use all natural cricket frass and chitin as our main ingredients to ensure quality growth in plants.

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Flourish your garden with us!

With CrickaGarden products, you get to enjoy the luxury of beautiful flowers and plants knowing that no artificial chemicals are added to your garden. We provide you with a 100% natural solution to your gardening needs.


Its definitely the CrickaPoo because the tree is 2 years old, grown in pot but didn't look very healthy with dull leaves and no flowers at all. Then within 2 weeks of CrickaPoo, it started to flower very sparsely at first. Today its flowering much more and the fruits are growing so quickly!

Lynette Tan

The secret is cricket frass or CrickaPoo. Didn’t share earlier as I wasn’t too sure but now I am convinced cos my Key Lime that has never

flowered for me now has two fruits. So was the case with my Sunkist Oranges.

Helen Chooi

CrickaPoo fertilizer is a very good product which my plants grow into gigantic size after applying the fertilizer. I like this product cos it’s also organic.

Wendy Tan

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