What is Chitin?

Chitin is a substance found in the exoskeleton of anthropods which gathered either through the process molting of exoskeletons. This process occurs in crickets several times in their lifetime which allows us to gather a substantial amount of it.

Benefits of Chitin

Having chitin in your soil causes the plant to believe that they are being attacked by the insects, which causes them to build their immune system gradually. As the plants are actually not undergoing any harm or attack, the immune system of the plant would increase to a point where it is very strong and healthy. This allows plants that are half dead to spring back to life within just a couple of weeks.

Using Chitin on healthy plants causes the plant to flourish and grow to sizes that would not have been possible before. 

Adverse Effects on Plants

There has not been any reports of any adverse effects of using chitin as a ingredient in gardening with no difference in results of the crop be it the colour of flower or taste of the fruit or leaves. 

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